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Australian Culture


Australia is a Western Culture, derived predominantly from British origins. While our society is very much a modern democracy, there is recognition of the significance of the Australian Aboriginal people, who have been on this land for some 60,000 years.

Our way of life is based on friendliness, ‘mateship’ and a ‘fair go’ for all. There is a laid-back style to our conversations and we are not afraid to laugh at ourselves. This attitude stems back to our convict colony beginnings, the camaraderie developed between soldiers in World Wars and a strong multicultural society resulting from many years of welcoming migrants to our shores.

In the southern parts of Australia we have a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters. This makes our weather ideal for sporting endeavours all year round, and Australians love to get out into the sunshine, enjoying our beautiful beaches and parklands. There is plenty of space, much pristine bushland and abundant wildlife for people to explore and enjoy.

Come and enjoy what Australia has to offer. If you are having trouble working out what to do or where to go, ask an Aussie. They’d be happy to help!